Friday, September 28, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend

Cheers to the weekend and celebrating four years of marriage! Every year we try to do something special, sometimes that is hard when your anniversary lands on a weekday. Yesterday was our 4th wedding Anniversary!!!
Anniversary summaries:
#1. "Rock the Dress" photos. I loved this I got to wear cowboy boots and pearls have my hair down (how I originally wanted to wear my hair but it was to hot) and my dress. Joe wore tan slacks (what he wanted to wear but we were talked out of it), fun awesome photos and then a nice dinner.
#2. Bottle of bubbles and watched the sunset over Mount Diablo from the Delta.
#3. Vacationed in Cabo for 5 days it was amazing! Highlight of the trip besides being together for 5 whole to see a sea turtle laying her eggs.
#4. Last night we had a romantic dinner planned but the place we were going had an event going on and it was way to packed to be romantic. We were invited to dinner with our friends who are holding their wedding reception tonight. It was a great time,margaritas and tacos can't really beat that!
Hmm I wonder what #5 will have in in store??? What are you doing this weekend?
We are going to a wedding reception tonight, brunch for the happy couple tomorrow morning and then Joe, his bff and I are going on a mini road trip to Fresno, to meet up with my brother in law to watch SDSU hopefully beet Fresno State at their homecoming. Fun packed weekend never a dull moment around the casa!
Pins and favorites from around the web...
1. Inside of a match book, you don't see enough matches these days. 2. My husband and brother, two mist important men in my life. 3. First Parisian macarons, salted caramel macaron is to die for! 4. Out to dinner with my mom, brother and lover butt. 5. Our wedding ceremony 6. Our reception 7. My anniversary "card" from lover butt.

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