Friday, September 14, 2012

at home Deep Dish Pizza

Tried a new way of making pizza last Monday. I normally do a regular crust on my silpat this time I attempted a deep dish in a casserole dish, I killed it! Having it again this Monday for MNF (Monday Night Football)

Preheat oven to pizza dough specifications.

2 tbsp Melted butter
Refrigerated pizza dough*  
1/2 Jar of pizza sauce or your favorite marinara
2 hand fulls Shredded Mozzarella (plus a little extra for the very top)

Toppings: (use whatever you like, next time you will see pineapple on mine)
Green bell pepper (Thinly sliced is best)
Chopped olives (I used half of a small can)

Spray casserole dish (including sides) with olive oil spray and pour melted butter in bottom of dish spread evenly. Put pizza dough in dish poke with fork all over to create tiny holes so your pizza cooks evenly.

Spoon on sauce...
add your cheese and toppings...
Bake for 17 to 18 minutes (oven times may vary).
Slice, serve and eat!
*I normally would use Trader Joe's Pizza Dough which is about $1.50 but I didn't feel like making an extra trip,actually I would normally use to TJ's everything but I was already at Target, also Target did not charge tax on any of these items.
Don't like toppings? try Cheesy Garlic Herb Sticks. What is your favorite kind of pizza? Mine has always been Pepperoni w/Pineapple but I also love Veggie.

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