Friday, September 7, 2012

Ready for the Weekend!

Greek festival is this weekend last year I went all 3 days and stuffed my face, plan on doing the same thing this year. Football season has arrived, if I made it through fantasy baseball I can make it through fantasy football. I made curtains out of burlap need to snap a photo to share. I also have a bet with my cousin that I can't complete 8 crafts by Sunday evening...1 down (curtains) 7 to go. I shamefully read the 50 shades trilogy and I have to say I LOVED it, sad that it's over [tear].

THIS weekend project (2/7).

Fall party idea, soup party!

Lovely, Bevi!

Fav song this week, La La La!

I want this dress.

I wish this photo ap was around when I got married.


Folding chair re-do, would love to have four of these!

Vodka Sauce Pasta, I think YES! This one too.



1. w/our nephew at his 2nd birthday party 2. Handcrafted Shamu by MOI 3. Baby Hayley, love her. 4. French Toast Brunch 5. My giant mimosa 6. Menu board whom some thought it read Happy Lobster Day 7. Peroni from our Thursdy date night
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Happy Friday!

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