Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TJ's Likes: Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean Grinder

I shop at Trader Joe's (TJ's) twice a week, I like so many of their products. I am very fortunate that my brother works in one of their stores so he is always telling me what to purchase and giving me the heads up on new items.

Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean Grinder

I saw this at my sister in laws when we went to La Jolla last month. I had seen it in the store but had forgot to ask my brother about. I don't think it's a new item but I had never tried it so I bought it and I am glad I did. 1 to 2 twist on top of my coffee in the morning is perfect you can taste the Chocolate and Coffee Beans, yum! This morning while I was rushing out of my house I left my coffee on the counter, ugh so upsetting.

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