Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 29th J!

My husband turned 29 today!!! I couldn't be happier or luckier than to have picked such a perfect mate, he is the most genuine person I have ever met...I am thankful for him everyday. He is also the biggest Chile  Rellenos lover I have ever met, more than my family and I.

My mom came over tonight and made her should be FAMOUS Chile Rellenos. They were so good and a nice surprise for J. He usually makes them, as seen in this previous post. I'm not sure if it's the special tomato broth sauce or the chile itself but I have never had a better one than my mom and now that she has taught J, J's. I've had one restaurant chile relleno that was very good, we were living in Sonoma and it was at a place called Taqueria La Hacienda they have the best Restaurant Chile Rellenos I have ever tried but it still isn't the same. Sometimes I'm scared to order them if we are out, fearing it will get to the table and be covered in brown beef gravy, People please don't eat a chile relleno covered in gravy, that's so gross and ruins the chile flavor. I need to post a tutorial on how to make them, I would one day love to have a chil roaster in my back yard, wouldn't that be amazing?!?!

Happy Birthday J, you big Chile!

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