Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Shower Gift

Kristen and I both have sewing machines but rarely use them  well actually I have had mine for 3 years and used it once and technically my mom used it. We attended a baby shower Saturday and thought we should try and sew part of our gift. We both love personalized/handmade gifts.

Kristen found a tutorial on burp cloths, that she thought would make the perfect addition to our baby shower gift. We made a total of eight burp cloths, while at the fabric shop we found two types of fabrics one that had a little stretch and one that didn't, the one that didn't was MUCH easier to sew. The stretchy fabric would bunch as you we were sewing, lesson learned. Maybe after some practice we can use the stretchy fabric.

The Gift:
Laundry basket
8 Burp cloths
Lotion & baby wash
12 Onesies w/month stickers (stickers purchased on etsy)
Small toy for center of bow

*small dog not included in the gift ;)


  1. I'm having my baby shower tomorrow and would LOVE to receive this gift basket! What a wonderful idea! :)

    1. Thanks, enjoy your shower! Boy or girl?


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