Friday, January 11, 2013

Counting minutes until the Weekend!

Hello almost weekend...1 hour and 56 minutes until I'm off for the weekend. I count minutes even though I love my job can't imagine if it sucked, boo.

This weekend will consist of nursing a cold, double boo. Doggie sitting Martini Anne for the bestie. Getting a pedicure with the hubs tomorrow, I havent had one since September. Watching the 49ers in my new 49ers sweatshirt (picture coming soon). Possibly cleaning out my closets (I wouldn't hold your breathe for that one). Celebrating a birthday of a family member Sunday, sans Hubs since he has to work, boo again. Studying for my Life and Health exam. Working on some new mugs for my etsy shop, they will be listed on Sunday, I'm really excited about them.

Also my brother will be leaving for boot camp (U.S. Navy) at the end of this month it makes my heart heavy, I know that it will be a great expierence and I am more than proud  but I will miss him to pieces, I'm conflicted and basically an emotional wreck.

Favorites from the web:

Tangerine Champagne

Great tip for cheap jewelry!

Fav lotion. Perfect for dry skin.

Lasagna roll ups!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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