Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 and 3

I live in my hometown somewhere I never in my 30 years imagined I would end up living. My husband (Joe) of almost 3 years and I bought a home here last December close to our family and friends. He has always wanted to live in his childhood neighborhood, I have always wanted to be in a big city, a fifth floor walk up, tiny studio would suit me just fine. It's funny how what you want can be changed so easily by love. It's truly an amazing thing to be married to your best friend, it changes you in ways you've never dreamed possible. I'm lucky to have found such a loving and supportive man to share my life with. As we approach our 3 year wedding anniversary, I find myself being thankful more and more for him.

Turning 30 has also changed me, I'm working out, reading for pleasure, and staying on top of my laundry. My goals are to enjoy my delish life with my hubby, get a teaching degree, start up-cycling used furniture, learn to sew, landscape my big ass yard, turn my house into a home room by room, volunteer, and all around just be a better person. Not sure how long all of that might take, especially since I'm sure I'll add goals an we want to have children, I hear they take up a lot of time hahaha.

Here we are being silly (see above). Please note the karaoke singer in the background , I do not karaoke...Joe does. I do however love to dance like a fool to the cupid shuffle and other various line dances after a few cocktails of course.


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