Friday, December 30, 2011

Simple Spinach Salad & Mandarin Orange Chicken

Recently I've been cheating when I cook, I've been picking things up from TJ's (my favorite grocery store) throwing them together. Sometimes it is more cost effective with just the two of us and not to mention really easy. I bought the Mandarin Orange Chicken and cooked it to the oven specifications on the package, serve over rice. Now I don't know why but I suck at cooking rice. It's one of the first things I was taught in culinary school yet I can't make it to save my life.
I love Spinach so of course I love Spinach Salad. I think it's because I really dislike soggy salad and Spinach seems to hold up against dressing very well. 

For the salad:
Baby Spinach
Mini Heirloom Tomatoes
Persian cucumbers, sliced
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Mix together, serve with Mandarin Orange Chicken...BOOM dinner.

Now I know that's not really a recipe but sometimes It's good to see what other people make to get ideas. Joe was one happy guy with this meal.


  1. We do this often, especially with having to prepare baby food and rushing to eat because our schedules don't match up well. It's fun throwing different things together. I love Mandarin Chicken, we usually eat it with rice, but I think we should try a salad next time :)

  2. I LOVE TJ's Orange Chicken! I din't hink I like Orange Chicken until I had theirs. I get their frozen brown rice too... 3 min in the microwave & it's perf! Beats the long cooktime on the stove :)

    Great idea serving it over spinach! I'll try that next time. (Mr. B will probably want his rice though)


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